Aligning Brush with the Heart



Aligning the Brush with the Heart

Diana Green

As an Artist, Designer and Educator Diana has over 25 years experience working with individuals and organizations across business teams.

Diana explores the hidden spaces that occur within us before we can tackle our challenges at work and in life. In business and in life, the space before making the mark is ambiguous and unsettled, but once the mark is made however, it becomes the first step in actualizing something.

The “thing” that is being actualized is something coming from deeper within you.

What we think we know can only be a limited expression of what we really know. Our thoughts are so constrained by what is going on around us in daily life and in our head. Our thoughts are the basic thing we need to know. The deeper awareness and the expansive possibilities within us don’t emerge under instruction. Awareness emerges into the spaces we leave- moments of contemplation, of distraction, of NOT acting intentionally. We cannot be told from without of our own awareness, it must emerge from within.

The first mark gives the indication that a connection has been made to something beyond the obvious and the pressing. It is the opening of a doorway to something that you will not know until you proceed, and will never be known if you do not begin. In this workshop, we go to these places that you wonder about, but never have time for and perhaps have no belief in their existence. THAT is what holds you back from expansion, growth and innovation.

“Mark Making” is a series Diana is conducting over the next 12 months, in Tokyo, Japan. The first of the series “Your Conversations” will be held in Hiroo.

Date : 7:00-9:30pm 5th July 2017 (refreshment and conversations to follow)

Location : Level 3, Room B, Arisu Iki Iki Plaza in Hiroo

Language : English with Japanese Interpreter

Fee : JPY3,000 materials included (donation to cover costs)

On sale until booked out

We look forward to seeing you.

– Diana and support team

Diana founded and directs Visionled Global, an agent for change and strategic facilitation.

With a vision of inspiring people at work and in life, Diana merged her background in art, design, education and business experience in her process as a platform to think differently; as creators, tap into imagination, shift perspective to expand and reframe approach to thinking to overcome individual and business challenges.

Diana is a specialist (consultant) in 'personal and organization transformation’. Diana works with individuals, groups and in-house teams from across business. It leads to creation of services, products and re-design of structures, through to implementation.






私たちが知っていると思っていることは、実際に知っていることの一部にすぎません。日常生活や、頭の中を行き交う様々な考えで、私たちの考えは狭まっています。まずは自分の考えを知る必要があります。 潜在的に認知していることや、私たちの持つ大きな可能性は、命令して呼び出せるものではありません。潜在意識は私たちが意識を向けていない時―思索に耽っている時や別のことを考えている時―に表れるものであり、意識を向けているときではありません。


「マーク・メイキング(成功体験)」は、東京でダイアナ・グリーンがこれから12ヵ月間に渡り指導するワークショップシリーズです。初回セッション 「ユア・カンバセーション(あなたとの対話) は広尾で開催されます。

日時:2017年7月5日 19:00~21:30 (軽食と懇親会つき)

場所:広尾 ありすいきいきプラザ 3階 ルームB

言語:英語 (日本語通訳あり)

会費:3,000円 教材込み (実費を賄うためにご負担ください)



- ダイアナ・グリーンとサポートチーム





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Wed Jul 5, 2017
7:00 PM - 9:30 PM JST
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Arisu Iki Iki Plaza
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